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quinta-feira, maio 25, 2017

A Thief's Philosophy

So with the chapter 863 they atarted the 6th One Piece Character Poll, and this great cover page with some of their most prominent characters...

And with just a few days people that are blessed both with good memory and awesome speed already identified almost all the characters, except for the ones afflicted by the cuttings in the borders or the ones behind Luffy... I at least tried to collect all their efforts in a tag map. Again the ImageMaps proved itself as a wonderful tool for the task. After wrecking my head pretty hard I still couldn´t host this gigantic map inside a single post so I'm sharing it via google drive (+html viewer)... Don´t really know if it could be useful... or not...

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mr. Poneis

Ps.: Some considerations:
1 - The mapping is pretty rough, sorry about that.
1.1 - My map is arranged in a ocidental format, from left to right and from above to down.
1.2 - The first two digits represent their column and the later two digits represent their row. Pretty much I'm disoriented as much as Zoro so I was in need of some sort of reference while mapping.
1.3 - The names follow romanized japanese patterns cause they were easier to remember at the moment. A V2 should have the official nomenclature from the wiki I guess...
1.4 - The Strawhat crew aren´t mapped cause I couldn´t think of a way to arrange them... maybe in the V2.
2 - At the moment couldn´t find a storage better than Google Drive to host this map. This means that you need a Google account and the html viewer app installed to see the map online. Still looking for a direct host to store this map. Suggestions are welcome.
2.1 - You can just download the html and open it with your browser for the same results, you can even look at the code beforehand to see thats even though it's a mess it isn´t anything malicious (I better hope so.)
3 - Thanks for New World Arthur from The Library of Ohara and to all users contributing in the chapter 863 Talk page at the One Piece Wiki